Its all in the catch

FUNBALL was first started in 2010 when the sole owner of the business saw the need to offer a ball related activity that was not only fun but also develops and encourages each child as they grow on the sports field. Thereby not restricting their abilities due to their age but rather structuring the classes by ability. Each child develops at their own rate and therefore FUNBALL does not allow age to dictate what they are capable of, unlike most other extra murals.


FUNBALL is based on the principle of ball sports, for example tennis, cricket, hockey, golf, football and rugby. Children are taught how to catch, throw, hit and kick a ball. The children will get exposure to a wide range of ball related activities while having fun.


We believe that not all young children are being exposed to ball sports early enough and in a controlled environment that is fun and happy. FUNBALL is aimed at developing their hand-eye-ball co-ordination, which is critical in their development for future sports. Perceptual motor skills such as balance, bilateral coordination, directionality, laterality, midline crossing and motor planning are encouraged.


Many of our activities incorporate games that strengthen core muscle groups, improve flexibility and body awareness. FUNBALL encourages social interaction and concentration skills


It is unique in that the classes are small, intimate and incorporate children of all abilities. Children of all ages are encouraged to join FUNBALL. Classes are 30 min per session and we follow the private school term. FUNBALL will be a real opportunity for young aspiring sports players.